Jewellery Care Guide

We pride ourselves in offering you the best range of eclectic quality jewellery. The quality of our pieces means that they are made to last if they are taken care of. We recommend following our best tips below in caring for your jewellery to maintain their exquisite lustre & quality.

Everyday Wear

Be sure to take care when wearing your fave KW pieces through out the day – or whilst out with the girls.  Remember the golden rule of last on, first off.

Your jewellery should be put on last when getting dressed and taken off first. Be sure to place earrings back in their box for safe keeping and prevention of oxidization.


Although KW pieces can be worn whilst showering or swimming (who doesn't love a big earring with their swimsuit or caftan!), it is recommended that you remove earrings prior to bathing, swimming, exercising or sleeping.

Also be wary if spraying perfume and hairspray. If earrings are sprayed, wipe with silver cloth provided. Silver is a malleable (soft) metal so be gentle with earrings posts, clasps etc as they can bend or break under excessive force. Gemstones can also scratch, crack, chip or break if dropped.


Due to the natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and body oils, sterling silver can tarnish and oxidise. Discolouration can usually be removed by gently rubbing with your KW polishing cloth.

Do not wash your polishing cloth, the black that comes off your jewellery is meant to be there. Give your Kelly Woodcroft pieces a clean every now and then in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent.

A gentle scrub with an old soft toothbrush (kids toothbrushes are great!) will help bring out the sparkle. Wash off detergent once finished, dry with a soft cloth and then polish with your KW polishing cloth. Do not spray with any other household cleaning agents.


Plain Silver

Due to the soft nature of Sterling silver, scratches will occur. If you significantly scratch your earrings, please contact Kelly to discuss removal. A small fee may apply.

Stone Set

If claws start to snag or a stone becomes loose, please contact Kelly for a free tighten and polish.